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                                                                 Jordan in a nutshell...

Going to Jordan means taking a trip back in time. In this small country with an area comparable to that of the New Aquitaine Region, the remains of ancient Greco-Roman towns rub shoulders with the modern buildings of Amman, the capital. Likewise, the vegetal shades of the northern hills mark an incredible contrast with the mineral tones of the Wadi Rum desert, without forgetting the mysterious City of Petra, a cultural and natural treasure. If you are a fan of water and water sports, you will find your happiness at the edge of the Red Sea in Aqaba. The Dead Sea will be the ideal place if you are rather looking for a place to relax.

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Jordan: Haven
of Peace

  • Area: 89,342 km

  • Population: 9.702 million (2017)

  • Capital: Amman

  • Language: Arabic, English as a second language

  • Religion: 95% Sunni Muslim, 5% Christian

                                                              The delights of Jordanian cuisine 


Jordan offers a great culinary variety, thanks to its climatic patchwork and its socio-cultural mosaic. The different communities that cohabit there constitute as many dishes and eating habits.

During your stay, you will discover different flavors and new stories every day. Jordanian food also has similarities with Mediterranean cuisine.

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