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Our Mission

At our core, we are architects of positive change, committed to sustainable practices and responsible tourism. Our mission extends beyond the ordinary, empowering youth through meaningful work and fostering ethical values.

Our dedication to sustainability is evident in all operations, focusing on energy efficiency, waste reduction, carbon offsetting, and biodiversity conservation. We uphold fair labor practices, engage with communities, and preserve local cultures. Through continuous improvement, we collaborate with industry partners to set higher sustainability standards.

Proud catalysts for positive transformation, we uplift suppliers towards green practices , for sustainability encompasses giving back to our local communities thus ensuring fair  tourism revenue distribution among local societies .

We cultivate awareness among customers, inspiring sustainable travel behaviors enabling our journeys to become opportunities for exploration and positive impact, while intertwining sustainability, youth empowerment, and community support for a brighter future

The Founders



Following his studies in international project management at the Institut Supérieur de Gestion ISG Business School in Paris, Mohammed embarked on a distinguished career in luxury tourism within the vibrant city of Paris. Over the course of several years, he ascended to the role of co-founder at Stars Sky Travel. Since 2008, Mohammed has been dedicated to meticulously planning and executing tours on behalf of prominent French tour operators. Presently, he assumes the role of overseeing our production team, seamlessly managing operations from both Paris and Amman. Mohammed is eager to extend his expertise and accompany your teams, ensuring the delivery of unparalleled services in Jordan.

​A great guide and travel advisor!

Thanks to MOHAMMED, we had an absolutely

magical week in Jordan. A perfectly French-speaking guide, Mohammed made us discover his country in

all its authenticity, far from the clichés of postcards!

He organized an unforgettable trip for us at an unbeatable price.

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