• Regarding the entry visa, is it included?

Yes. For visas, upon your arrival in Jordan, our representative will take care of it at the airport and prepare everything for you.


  • Do you provide a road map- Or do you know if the car has a GPS?

Yes, the representative will connect you to the GPS system inside the car on the Jordanian phone that will be with you.


  • Will we be able to communicate with you during the stay?

Yes, it is possible . Otherwise, we will give you a Jordanian phone with internet.


  • Can we wear shorts and t-shirts?

Yes, you can simply wear what you want; you are always in a free country.


  • Regarding the Jordan Pass, is it included?

Yes, the Jordan Pass is included.


  • How can we access our mobile phone there?

What do you recommend? We will provide you with a Jordanian SIM card phone upon your arrival, which will be at your disposal
during the trip.


  • Are we fully insured for our vehicle (self-drive tour)?

In case of an accident, if it is caused by you, you will pay 350 JOD for the deductible and the other party pays 350 ; if it was not caused by you, the other party pays everything.


  • What is the best way to exchange currency?

Regarding money, it is advisable to use the
Jordanian dinar. If you wish to exchange currency, we recommend doing it after your arrival in Jordan. You can ask the driver for a trustworthy exchange office. We advise against exchanging currency at the airport as the rates may be higher.


  • What is the electrical voltage in Jordan?

Regarding electricity, the standard voltage in Jordan is 220 volts. Moreover, electrical outlets may vary from place to place, being
either two-prong or three-prong. However, they are generally three-pronged.


  • What language do the drivers speak?

The drivers speak French.


  • Do you have a car rental service without a driver for self-driving?

Yes, we have a self – driving service.


  • Is the flight reservation service included? 

No, it is not included, but we can help you with pleasure.


  • Do you have a tour guide service?

Yes, we have a tour guide service.


  • What types of trips do you offer?

We offer a variety of trip types, including sightseeing
tours, cultural tours, adventure trips, nature excursions, historical trips, religious journeys, and many more.


  • What is the weather like in Jordan during the four seasons?                                                                                                                – Winter (December – February): The temperatures are cold and rainy in most regions of
    Jordan, especially in the northern and western areas of the kingdom.                                                                                                                                                                                                Spring (March – May): Temperatures begin to gradually increase, with periods of rain,
    especially at the beginning of the season.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Summer (June – August): Temperatures rise significantly, and the atmosphere becomes
    very hot, especially in the valleys and the Dead Sea area. In the northern and
    mountainous regions, the weather is relatively warm with periods of intense heat.                                                                                                                                                                       Autumn (September – November): This period is suitable for travel and tourism, with
    moderate and refreshing weather. Autumn starts with periods of rain that help
    rejuvenate nature.


  • What is the security situation in Jordan?

Jordan is generally considered one of the safest and most stable countries in the Middle East region. The Jordanian government places great importance on the safety of its citizens and foreign visitors. The security forces are well-organized and active in maintaining public order. Overall, Jordan remains a welcoming and secure place for visitors, and many travelers enjoy its historical sites, beautiful nature, and rich culture with peace of mind.